Help – to pay for school


A great place to start is with scholarships, bursaries and loans. Check with Niagara College or Brock University to find out what scholarships or bursaries you may be eligible for as a new or returning student. Check out these other links to help you in your search:

Canada Student Loans Program

Government of Canada CanLearn

Canadian Federation of Students Student Scholarships

Some other ways to help pay for your education

Your PenFinancial Credit Union staff can also provide you with sound advice so be sure to ask them for help. As a Sprowt member, you are eligible to apply for a Student Line of Credit to help pay for your education. This line of credit can help you pay for tuition, rent, groceries and supplies. Full time Sprowt members can borrow up to $10,000 a year for four years to a maximum of $40,000. Unlike a loan, you pay interest each month only on what you use and as you pay off the principal, it becomes available again (no need to re-apply). And don’t forget, PenFinancial offers a $1,500 scholarship to a Niagara student who develops the most creative 2 minute video explaining what they want to do when they grow up! If you have money saving in a bank account and you’re not earning much interest, be sure to ask us about moving your savings to an account that will generate more interest, while still keeping it accessible.